Educational program

Our educational program is designed to stimulate and develop your child’s creativity, curiosity, sense of exploration and experimentation, promoting autonomy.

Your child will flourish in our environment filled with attention, love and  values. Our program is tailored for each age group.  Rest assured, your child will have a special place in his or her class, and our dedicated staff will provide your child the tools to ensure his or her healthy development.

We offer activities to promote your child’s abilities, knowledge and talents in language, art, music, mathematics, science, environmental consciousness and emotional intelligence to foster your child’s holistic development.

Our educational program is based on the Ministère de la Famille’s document Let’s Embrace Early Childhood (Accueillir la petite enfance). For details, see the Ministère de la Famille website.

The following is an brief outline of our approach:

5 Fundamentals

  1. Your child is special

By developing a thorough knowledge of each child, the educator in charge will recognize and respect your child’s individuality, his or her own pace of development, needs and interests.

  1. Your child is the primary driver of his or her own development.

A child initially learns spontaneously, by experimenting, observing, imitating and talking with others, motivating himself and developing his or her own natural abilities. The educator will guide and support your child, developing your child’s autonomy.

  1. Your child’s development is a comprehensive, integrated process
    Your child grows and develops in all aspects – intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially and morally. These dimensions of your child’s being develop together as integrated parts of their comprehensive learning process. Our educators are trained and our activities are designed to promote your child’s development in every aspect and dimension.


  1. Children learn through play

Driven by your child’s inner motivation, play is an essential tool for your child to explore and experience the world. The different types of games and play activities available (individual or cooperative, intellectual or physical, etc.) promote the development of every aspect of his or her person.

  1. The cooperation between educators parents is essential for your child’s harmonious development

Good communication between you as parents and our educators is vital to the success of your child. We are your partners in your child’s development. Our management and staff are always available to discuss any concerns you may have.


Dimensions of child development

Your child will have the opportunity to acquire and master key aptitudes and skills:

Intellectual Development

Our stimulating environment will permit your child to develop his senses, to acquire knowledge and understanding of the world world around him. Our educational program is focussed on thinking, reasoning and creativity.

Language Development

During early childhood, your child’s language and communication skills grow at exponential rates. Our educators are trained to promote, encourage and stimulate all aspects of your child’s language skills – listening, comprehension, speaking, vocabulary, pronunciation, and the integrated use of language skills to express thoughts, needs, emotions, and reasoned statements.

Emotional Intelligence

Development of your child’s emotional intelligence is of utmost importance. Studies have shown that a child’s emotional intelligence and maturity is as important to his or her future success as his intellectual development and that your child’s emotional skills can be best developed in early childhood. Our daycare will provide a stable and secure environment propitious for your child’s emotional development. Your child will develop relationships with our educators and other children where they will develop the key skills of emotional intelligence (empathy and compassion, interpersonal relationship management, self-regulation, effective communication).

Physical development and motor skills

Our activities are designed to promote your child’s physical development and motor skills. Our premises are surrounded by parks and green spaces, affording your child unequalled facilities for outdoor physical activity.

Your child will also participate in specific activities designed to promote the development of particular motor skills (agility, endurance, balance, etc.), movement skills (sitting, crawling, walking, running, climbing, grasping an object …) and fine motor skills (drawing, thread beads, cutting …).

Social and moral dimension

Our daycare will offer your child the opportunity to learn to relate with others, to express and control his or her emotions, to solve problems and to empathize with others.

The acquisition of social skills and the emergence of your child’s consciousness of right and wrong, and sense of empathy for other, will guide them in their future behaviour, long after they’ve graduated from our daycare.